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» 'Our Boys' DVD Release- Petition





Okay, I really want this. No. I need this. Please sign this petition. PLEASE. Also, reblog it and just spread it like crazy. This won’t guarantee anything but it will hopefully help persuade them. Fangirls unite and do your thing. It’s Neville Longbottom and Rory Williams Pond in a play together! It’s a really amazing play and it’s really hard loving something so passionately when you can’t watch it again, when you like. 

If people can reblog things so that people can get pet chickens and go to Disneyland or whatever your dream is then please help me do this!!

Everything I would say has pretty much already been said. Words can’t explain how much this play means to us. If you’re in a fandom of a TV show, you can watch your favourite episodes if you wanted to do but we can’t do that with the play. So please help. Thank you.


New friends! @inesdeclercq @RattyBurvil & an Australian Hedgehog. (X)